Football Predictions

Football is a very intriguing sport that mankind created for the purpose of entertainment and creating the image of man’s body, mind and soul working together in order to win much more than a trophy or medal, but for gaining the much needed respect and prestige that no ordinary people could easily earn in the football’s birth period.
For instance, England’s Premier League drawed a lot of investors because of its potential for returning any investments. This is why this season, the 2012-2013 football season of Premier League, is very hard in predicting its winner and follow-uppers because nobody can know for sure how each team will play, dealing with 38 tournament days. Each team of the Premier League division makes new and better acquisitions in the transfer period which is why nobody knows how fast will they adapt and how much time they need to show their qualities for which they were transfered in the first place. Alongside the new transfer that each team makes according to their anual transfer budget, there are other things that inffluence the well-being of a team in a championship like Premier League such as fans, the training conditions provided by the club, the talent and mentality of the coach and many more that combined have a great deal of inffluence over the club’s overall game. This is probably why statistics don’t help us a lot in order to give a specific odds-on favorite to winning the championship.
Many clubs have emerged in the last couple of years, with new investors for whom money is not an issue. These investors saved them from financial death or helped them climb the championship latter rising them from the uncertainty. This year, apparently, there are 4, maybe 5 teams that seem to be in the aweful struggle for the championship trophy and they are: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea London, Arsenal London and Liverpool, the last one barely entering the contest, finishing 6th last season. Another good point of view is the one of the Uefa Champions League spots that Premier League offers to its contestants. Besides the winner, the next 3 spots are linked to a presence in the Uefa super 6 Champions League group stage. So, judging by last years championship final tables, one of these 5 has one of the next 2 spots which are reserved to Europa League’s group stage qualifying matches. The other 2 Europa League spots reserved to Premier League’s clubs are occupied by FA Cup and League Cup winners. There are some teams that rose in the last couple of years such as Newcastle United or Everton, but their status cannot make them more than competitors for the EL spots. On the other side, there are many teams that seem not to be in the relegation competition, but unfortunately for them, they don’t seem to keep up with the others and fall down the charts.
The two sides of Manchester seem to have a headstart because of their small financial advantage. Last year confirmed this statement regarding this newly appeared rivalry, City winning the trophy in the last round. This year anything is possible. This is why nobody can make an accurate prediction involving this year’s Premier League winner.